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For patients dealing with cavities, there are several options that can restore the tooth and provide durable, long-lasting results. At Higgins Dental, Marcus Higgins, DMD, and the caring and experienced team can help pediatric patients young and old eliminate cavities using effective tooth fillings. Call the Jacksonville, Florida, office today or book online to schedule an appointment.

Cavity Q & A

What is a cavity?

A cavity develops when tooth decay causes the hard portion of the tooth to break down. This causes a hole to form which can get bigger and bigger if not treated.

It is very important to prevent cavities. To do so, you can visit the team at Higgins Dental as they offer dental cleanings to keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful. If necessary, they also do tooth extractions.

What is a filling?

A filling is used to repair a tooth which has developed a cavity in order to return it to normal function and shape. When the dentist uses a cavity filling, he will first clean away any decayed tooth material and remove any debris from the area.

Next, the dentist will fill in the sterilized cavity with one of the forms of filling material. A filling will help to prevent any further decay from developing inside the tooth.

What types of fillings are used?

The type of filling used for a particular patient will be determined by the degree of the damage done to the tooth, whether the patient is allergic to certain materials, where the cavity is located in patient’s mouth, and usually how expensive the material is. Types of fillings include:

Gold fillings and inlays

Gold fillings and inlays can last over 20 years and many experts believe it is the best material. However, it is typically the costliest and requires multiple visits.

Silver amalgam fillings

Silver amalgam fillings are resistant to wear and are relatively inexpensive. However, they are more noticeable. Because of this, they are not typically used in visible areas like the front teeth.

Composite resins

Composite resins can be color-matched to teeth and are used where a natural look is the goal. Composites may not be great for larger fillings since they can wear down over time. They can also be stained like natural teeth and typically last around 3 to 10 years.

Porcelain fillings

Porcelain fillings are also known as inlays or onlays. They are fabricated in a lab and then adhered to teeth. They can be color-matched and are resistant to stains. A porcelain filling will cover the majority of the tooth and are about as costly as gold.

If you or your family members have a cavity, don’t wait. Call for Higgins Dental today or book an appointment online.