Protect a Weak Tooth and Improve Your Smile Aesthetics with a Custom Dental Crown

Dental crowns are prosthetic devices dentists use to restore a well-aligned smile and renew proper oral health. Straight teeth prevent gum disease, boost confidence with a bright smile, and even prevent bone loss. Dental crowns also strengthen weak or painful teeth. 

The general and cosmetic dentists at Higgins Dental in Jacksonville, Florida, specialize in healthy smiles. Our experienced experts offer the highest quality custom dental crowns, providing durable, long-lasting protection of your oral health. They look and feel just like your real teeth, and that isn’t their only benefit.

What is a custom dental crown?

A custom dental crown is a cap that goes over the top of a damaged, painful, or misaligned tooth. It’s a permanent solution that strengthens the tooth underneath. It isn’t removable, so you never have to worry about it falling off. A crown is used:

What’s the procedure for placing a crown?

The crown specialists at Higgins Dental use a two-step process in this restorative procedure. The dentist first files down the tooth or teeth to remove some of the enamel. This allows for the best fit during placement next to the adjacent teeth. Next, the dentist takes a mold of the tooth to ensure a proper custom fit. You’ll use a temporary crown until the final appointment when your permanent crown is placed.

Benefits of a dental crown

A dental crown improves your oral health and restores a straight smile.

Avoid gum disease

If you have crooked teeth, you may not be able to remove all the bacteria that gets trapped between them. Flossing between teeth that aren’t straight is difficult, leaving pockets of bacteria between the misaligned teeth. The bacteria that remains between your teeth creates a film of plaque that continues to build up over your teeth and harden. 

This causes inflammation or infection of the gum tissue that’s responsible for holding your teeth in place. When gum tissue is inflamed or infected, it can lead to gum disease and even tooth loss. However, by having a dental crown in place, your teeth become properly aligned, not allowing bacteria to stick.

Prevent bone loss

A weakened tooth is more likely to lead to tooth loss, leaving a gap where a tooth once was. When a tooth is absent for long enough, your teeth naturally try to fill in the gap by moving toward one another. First, this can cause a misalignment, which can lead to gum disease. However, this can also cause a loss of jawbone function. 

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, a dental crown prevents atrophy from jawbone loss by preserving the jaw structure. It’s the preferred implant method to keep your jawbone healthy and functional. Your tooth roots are in charge of stimulating your jawbone. When there is no root to activate this stimulation, over time, the tooth causes resorption of the bone that supports the teeth. 

Before you lose a weakened tooth, consider a custom dental crown to avoid gum disease and prevent bone loss. Are you ready to improve your smile and strengthen your oral health? Call Higgins Dental today at 904-416-1237, or use our convenient online scheduling tool.

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