Dental Implants: Why They're the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth

It's easy to ignore a missing tooth or two, especially if they aren't affecting your smile. But, your teeth play a vital role in your overall health, appearance, and self-confidence, so replacing them is important. At Higgins Dental in Jacksonville, Florida, our team recommends dental implants for several reasons.

Dental implants are strong enough to keep other teeth from shifting

What sets a dental implant apart from other tooth replacements is the metal post anchored securely into your jawbone that holds a crown, or prosthetic tooth. This surgical approach provides a strong and permanent foundation for your artificial tooth, which keeps other teeth in the area from shifting out of position. This helps maintain the alignment of your bite so you can continue chewing and speaking without issues. 

They won’t slide around like other replacements

Another advantage to a dental implant is its natural feel and function. A common problem with removable tooth replacements — like bridges and partial dentures — is their tendency to shift or slide around in your mouth. This can also make them uncomfortable to wear. Because a dental implant remains fixed in place, you never have to worry about your replacement tooth clicking or slipping out of place while you eat or talk.

They’ll increase your self-confidence

Dental implants come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. This ensures that it not only fits and functions like a "real" tooth, but also looks completely natural and matches your surrounding teeth. 

When you choose dental implants, you also get a long-term solution. Other types of options, like dental bridges and dentures, usually need to be replaced every 5-10 years. But, the metal post of your implant fuses directly into your bone and can last the rest of your life, so you can smile with confidence.

Your risk of bone loss will decrease

Your tooth root does more than hold your tooth in place; it also keeps your jawbone healthy. When you lose a tooth and skip replacing it, your risk of bone loss in the area increases significantly. The longer you wait to find a replacement option, the higher your chances of more jaw deterioration, which leads to changes in your appearance and more tooth loss. Dental implants can keep your jaw healthy by stimulating the bone and promoting new tissue growth.

They’ll protect your overall health

Anyone can have plaque build-up, gum disease, and tooth decay. But, your chances of developing these issues increase when you have empty spaces in your mouth where bacteria can collect. Unfortunately, tooth decay and gum disease can trigger health problems throughout your entire body, like heart disease. And heart disease can increase your chances of heart attack and stroke. 

Dental implants make it easy to protect your oral health by eliminating these empty spaces. They're easy to take care of — just brush, floss, and schedule regular professional dental cleanings at our office.

If you have missing teeth, find out more about how dental implants can help. Call us at Higgins Dental or schedule an appointment online today.

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